TRON was devised in the year 2017 by Justin Sun. Initially, TRX was created as an ERC-20-based token, underpinned by Ethereum. Later in 2018, it is separated from ETH and developed as an own token.

Tron is a blockchain-based operating system on which anyone can create decentralized applications and share content.

Why was TRON developed?

Tron was developed with a prime focus which is to help content creators by offering them rewards for their efforts on work.

Currently, the social media industry is ruled by many giant industries like youtube, Facebook, and other applications. They not only control what users can see but they also receive a huge amount of money which is generated by the media or content. Here the content creator will be paid less amount of money. To eliminate such massive loss for users TRON platform was developed.

To cut down the middle-media party and allowing content creators to receive rewards directly from the viewers TRON network is used. The content creator will receive rewards in TRON tokens ( TRX ) and also the media is wholly owned by them rather than the giant companies.

Tron Dapp development

Users are allowed to develop Dapps on the TRON network. After creating a Dapp on the TRON network and users can offer content on it. By doing this users can receive digital assets as a token of appreciation. These rewards can either be in normal TRX tokens or in a token that is created by the user that is supported by TRX. This will compensate the efforts of users in creating content within it.

The main purpose of TRON is to remove the need of middlemen and providing total control for creators to directly share their content with the audience. The data is cryptographically secured through blockchain while allowing creators to take entire profits.


Since the media industry is growing tremendously, content and media creators can showcase their work directly to the customer and can gain profits for their efforts. If you are looking for a TRON Dapp development company, then I would like to suggest Blockchain Firm as they are the best and have vast experience in developing a Dapp.

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